How We Serve Our Clients
We at Peter J. Brown Legal Services believe an injured person needs justice, not confusing paperwork, calls from collection agencies. etc. When we take a case, we expect to do everything for the client; from filling out insurance forms to representing the injured party in court. 
The following are some of the services we often need to provide to make a case go smoothly for a client:
  • Giving Legal Advice to the Client
  • Preparing Legal Documents
  • Dealing with Bill Collectors for Medical Providers and Hospitals
  • Obtaining Police Reports
  • Filing an Accident Report with the Motor Vehicle Deparment
  • Filling Out Insurance Forms

  • Researching and Keeping Up with Tort Laws
  • Obtaining Medical Records from Doctors and Therapists
  • Filing Court Papers
  • Representing the Client in Civil Court
  • Issuing Payments to Creditors if a Case is Won
  • Issuing a Compensation Check to the Injured Party if a Case Is Won
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